Poricy Park Conservancy has been preserving 250 acres of open space, wildlife and their habitats, prehistoric fossil beds, and the Historic Murray Farmhouse since 1970.

Located at  345 Oak Hill Road, Middletown, NJ 07748, Poricy Park is a regional resource, serving residents throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area. It is a center for environmental and cultural education, enhancing the community's enjoyment and appreciation of nature and local history.

Poricy Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization, it depends primarily on memberships and donations to secure the educational, historical and natural resources at the Park for this, and future generations.

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Our Mission & Vision


The Mission of Poricy Park Conservancy is to preserve and enrich the park as a nature preserve and to educate the community about its historic and recreational resources.  


The Vision is that the Community will promote appreciation for conservation, education and recreation at this facility. As a major decision during the restructuring of the Poricy Park Conservancy we have turned over the administration of the Park’s educational programming of the schools, scouts and summer camps to the Township Recreation Department which oversees 64 parks and programming for nearly 67,000 residents.

  • The Conservancy will serve as Poricy Park’s advocate and as a separate entity from the Township and as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization we will be able to actively pursue grants for the Park where the Township would not be able to so otherwise as a local government. No other park in Middletown has this "extra layer of support."

  • The Conservancy will continue to oversee and educate the community on happenings at the park. It will continue to help preserve, enhance and help the town with any enhancements, preservation of the land and historic buildings with all of its fundraising efforts.

  • The Conservancy will continue to foster a positive relationship with the Township and will create a calendar of events each year, will actively pursue grants for historic preservation, environmental preservation, comprehensive park planning and park maintenance including trails, gardens, fields and ponds.

  • The Conservancy will seek educational professionals to create a system to file and preserve its historic artifacts, fossils and protect living things in the Park.

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Membership & Donations

Membership in Poricy Park Conservancy helps to secure the educational, historical and natural resources at the Park for this and future generations.  

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